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Landlord/Tenant Law – Efficient Cost Effective Representation

  • Landlord/Tenant relationships, leases, evictions and other commercial and residential disputes
  • Leases.  We review, prepare and advice as to residential and commercial leases  all of the attorney’s are also licensed real estate brokers and understand the nuances of leases.
    • We can prepare common leases from California Association of Realtors (CAR), AIR CRE Commercial and Industrial leases as well as customized leases for your industry such as restaurant leases.
  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainer Actions.  We have prosecuted and defended thousands of evictions.  We take the complicated and difficult cases and make them simple.
    • The essence of an eviction is breach of a material term of the rental agreement or the law.  A related eviction, is a forcible entry or forcible detainer which is either a squatter or breaks into your property and will not leave, or someone invited in but threatens the owner demanding to stay in possession.  (CCP § 1158/1159A tenant can also file an action for forcible entry or detainer against a landlord who wrongfully kicks out the tenant!
  • - Construction Defects
  • - Failure to Disclose
  • - Landlord/Tenant relationships, leases, evictions and other commercial and residential disputes
  • - Lease preparation, commercial and residential
  • - Discrimination
  • - Property Owner Representation 
  • - Rent Control Advice
  • - Assisting in the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate
  • - Assistance with Purchase and Sale of Real Estate without using a realtor
  • - Purchase and Sale Disputes
  • - Commission Disputes
  • - Tenant Representation
  • - Title Actions
  • - Fraudulent Title Actions
We provide efficient, cost effective representation, protecting your rights while maximizing your profit for both residential and commercial properties.
We understand that tenants also have an important interest in protecting their rights to enjoy their homes or increase the profits of their businesses.  We have worked with many tenants to resolve disputes with their landlords.
Call Simkin & Associates for all your Rental Real Estate needs, including:
- Unlawful Detainer Actions (Evictions)
- Rent Control Advice
- Leases and Notices
- All forms of Landlord/ Tenant Issues


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