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If you are the victim of a Breach of Contract (Whether a business contract, service agreement, commercial lease, or other type of agreement) then you stand to lose your hard earned money as well as time and possibly more.

Many Breach of Contract disputes can be settled without litigation, by negotiation, mediation, or arbitration (referred to as Contract Dispute Resolution).  Those cases that do not settle are left to contract litigation where a law suit is filed in civil court.

We know Contract Law inside and out and have proven results in winning such cases.

It is important that you contact us the moment that a breach has occurred (or if you feel that a breach is imminent) as there may be certain duties that you must adhere to before the other party can be held for Breach of Contract. 

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Simkin & Associates is a highly respected firm specializing in Business Law and Contract Disputes.  Michael Simkin is a Business Law expert who consults with major network media. 

We are results-driven and we believe that there is no substitute for experience and expertise.  We zealously represent our clients and fight to win.



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